bdunbar (bdunbar) wrote,


I like CheneyCare - it's alliterative.
As I was told by a coworker, because Obama has a good heart and is a smart man, he will know how to best re-organize health care and fix it for all of us!

Ask your coworker whether she supports sovietized health care if Dick Cheney were running the system, or Richard Nixon, or George Bush, or Sarah Palin.

The stereotype the Left enjoys is to paint Republicans as mouth-breathing Fundamentalists and misogynist racists.

If so, does she think the Fundies will allow women to get abortions if the Republicans control all the doctors and hospitals? Does she think the racists will allow the minorities equal access to health care? Does she think the misogynists will make good gynecologists?

I understand why they, the Left, don't trust us and they want to run our lives for us. But they know our side wins elections too, from time to time. I don't understand why they trust us, the Right, to run their lives for them?

Can any of my Left-of-Center friends explain this to me? If Halliburton, George Bush, Pat Robertson, Pat Buchanan, General Jack D. Ripper, Sarah Palin and Enron are running your health care for the benefit of their friends in the Pharmaceutical Industry, how does that help lower your doctor's bills?


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