bdunbar (bdunbar) wrote,

Fooling around with Arc

My new shiny toy is Arc.
This site is about Arc, a new dialect of Lisp. It's unfinished, but usable, so we decided to release what we have so far.
I'm not sure what it's good for ... but it's amazing easy to stand up a webpage in, which is interesting.

Use (quit) to quit, (tl) to return here after an interrupt.
arc> ( defop hello req ( pr "hello world"))
arc> (asv)
ready to serve port 8080

And lo - at http://localhost:8080/hello there is indeed a web page with a simple 'hello world'.

What's at http://localhost:8080/?  The words 'It's alive'.  Which is all very minimalist and groovy.

Code via YouDevise.

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